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Proofreading and Editing Your Reports

As a medical transcriptionist you have to be able to transcribe dictation that contains background noise (crying babies, bathroom, driving, watching TV- yes many physician’s dictate while doing these things!), fast dictators, and ESL dictators. This can be very challenging but you will get all the practice you need in the course, especially in the advanced transcription portion!

It is important to develop a good eye for proofreading. All of your work as an MT should be proofread before sending it to your employer. During the course, you should take special care to proofread all of your reports several times before submitting them to the on-line grader.

What should you look for when proofreading your own work? You should look for typos, grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Also, check for formatting and style errors too.

Tip: Sometimes when using a word expander it is easy to hit the wrong shortcut and have the wrong word inserted into your document. Proofread all documents very carefully before submitting them.


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